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Dr. Black “Type 6” 5.1 Aluminum Advanced Frame for Hi Capa

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Unleash unmatched performance out of your Hi-Capa with the new Dr. Black “Type 6” Aluminum Advanced Frame! This cutting-edge upgrade is crafted from lightweight, CNC aluminum, offering unparalleled strength and durability with increased agility.

Here’s why you need this frame:

  • Over twice as light as stock
  • Advanced style hammer system
  • Available in 12+ colors
  • Precision-engineered drop in fit

Upgrade your Hi-Capa with the Dr. Black “Type 6” 5.1 Aluminum Advanced Frame and experience the difference.

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1 review for Dr. Black “Type 6” 5.1 Aluminum Advanced Frame for Hi Capa

  1. Aidan (verified owner)

    Frame looks great and is super light. Sear is unfortunately proprietary, and aftermarket off the shelf ones will not fit. Frame internals are held in with two cross pins under the thumb safeties, and the internal “housing” slides out the top of the frame. I did have to file down it a little bit and add some electrical tape to the back of my trigger bar to get it to fire, as the trigger would not go back enough to hit the disconnector. Not sure if this was just my case or is the case for all of them.

    You will need to use your current disconnector and firing pin locker and spring. These can be hard to get in, as they are only secured after you slide the “housing” into the rest of the frame.

    Slide tolerances are very tight, and will need some fitment, but there is no slop or wiggle once you get it worked in. At least for my slide, the most wear was on the inside of the slide rails, and it does not ride on the top at all.

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