Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

Get A Custom Hi Capa

Add all of the parts you want in your build to your cart!

Add the “Make It A Custom Build” item to your cart!

Check out and your build will arrive in around 2 weeks!

1. Select Base Gun

Select a base gun that your hi capa will be built off of.

2. Add Upgrade Parts

Select all upgrades that you would like without any additional tech cost. Please make sure size/parts are compatible with the base gun. We do have a tech that will look over your order before it is sent out!

3. Include “Make It a Build” Item

No matter the amount of items that you add to your build, we will always charge the same $140 flat fee!

Congratulations! you are all set.

Your Custom Build order is ready to ship. Please proceed to checkout.

Check out and get your build in 2 weeks

Once your order is placed, a tech will look over it to make sure everything is compatible. Upon approval, your order will be sent to our builder CY Capa Customs. After it is built in around 1 week, you will be emailed with tracking information, as well as pictures and videos of your new hi capa! Need help designing your custom build? We have a team of techs that are happy to assist you.
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