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LA Capa Customs is the largest supplier and manufacturer of hi capa parts.  We have the lowest US prices, ship out next day on all orders, and have a great team that are happy to assist you with any needs.  We pack each order with love and care, and are dedicated to improving the airsoft industry!

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See what's coming up in the LA Capa Armory!

Update: 5/20/22

Incoming Stock: Next week we will be getting in Maple Leaf as well as Airsoft Masterpiece hopup units, new Norris Slides, and many other EDGE products as well!  We also plan to get our 4.3 Conqueror Slides in, and all Poison Slides should be available for immediate shipout.

LA Capa Parts: Our Guardian Magwells, S1 Triggers, S2 Triggers, S1 Grip Screws, 4.3 Guide Plug, and 5.1 Guide plugs should be in within the next two weeks.  We also have more barrels being made, and plan to have our rainbow lineup of products come in in the next 2-3 weeks.  We have so many other hi capa parts in prototyping and production as well!

Website Improvements: We have greatly improved the site speed and load times of our site.  We have WEBP image conversion now, and have optimized the adding to cart experience to allow you to get the parts you would like as quickly as possible!

Update: 5/1/22

Incoming Stock: This week we have more coming in than ever before.  AM, EDGE, Nine Ball, CL Project Design, and Tokyo Marui all will be up this week, featuring new polished outer barrels, low blowback and normal blowback units, advanced frames, and so much more!

CowCow and AIP will be in projected early next week, with all of your favorites including 140% nozzle springs, trident sear springs, CowCow mag lips, and much more.

LA Capa Parts: We plan to release our Competition Frames for pre order next week, and expect the first 100 to be in by early June, so do not miss out!  We also plan to have our 4.3 Conqueror Slide, Guardian Magwell, S1 Trigger, S2 Trigger, S1 Grip Screws, 4.3 Guide Plug, and 5.1 Guide plugs to all be in at the end of next week.  The rest of the Poison slides will ship out this week, and we have many more parts on the way!

Website Improvements: We have implemented a redesigned checkout page to show your order summary, implement a two-step checkout, and have a new special declared value section for overseas customers, so you do not have to pay as much in customs fees.  We have also implemented a new Updates page, where you can stay up to date on what is coming up with LA Capa Customs.  Feel free follow our Instagram @lacapacustoms to also stay up to date!

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