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LA Capa Customs Aluminum V2 Competition Frame (Cutout Version)

(7 customer reviews)



Be sure to watch THIS VIDEO for proper installation and tuning. 

The V2 Competition frames are unlike any other ever made.  This frame has a full CNC 3 piece “TM+” hammer system.  You can use nearly any aftermarket hammer internals and experience function unlike ever before.  To install, simply insert the parts like normal, adjust your hammer height using the video above as reference, and you are good to go!  Please note that this frame is made to be compatible with TM parts; we cannot ensure compatibility among other brands, but we are constantly working to make it as universal as possible.


  • Full top rails
  • Bottom rails for attachments
  • Less than 70 grams, 2.5x less than stock
  • Drop in TM spec, 3 piece style frame
  • 2 set screws for perfect hopup fitting
  • Hybrid legnth for both 4.3 and 5.1 slides
  • Signature “LA” insignia marking


We offer this product in 10 different anodized colors + 2 rainbows, and it comes with an LA engraved side marking!

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7 reviews for LA Capa Customs Aluminum V2 Competition Frame (Cutout Version)

  1. David

    Fantastic Product!

  2. mohsin (verified owner)

    This is the best Hi-Capa frame I’ve ever used. It’s incredibly lightweight and durable, and the cutout version looks amazing. The quality of the machining is top-notch, and everything fits together perfectly.

  3. John

    Outstanding Product very happy to purchase

  4. Jeremy

    Satisfied with this product, recommended 100%

  5. Shawn

    One of the best frames to ever hit the market. So elegant but yet so fierce and aggressive

  6. asylum

    Great innovation always a step ahead ..

  7. kjfryar08

    very good frame had some problems but got them worked out and this is the best frame i have ever used.

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