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Waldo Dynamics 140% “Ion” Nozzle Spring for Hi Capa


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“When Ions are charged they can deliver breath-taking levels of energy, which is exactly what we wanted to do here” 

Enhanced nozzle springs are crucial for ensuring consistent feeding in your airsoft pistols. That’s why I dedicated myself to creating an optimal solution suitable for the legendary Hi-Capa platform.

Introducing the “Ion” Hi-Capa nozzle spring – a robust steel spring coated in slick purple to minimize friction. With a rating of approximately 140%, this nozzle spring guarantees reliability.

The Hi-Capa is especially known for having a high rate of fire for both general skirmishes, IPSC tournaments, and Speedsoft; So it was important to me at Waldo Dynamics to create a nozzle spring that would keep up with the cycle rate of this platform. It took months of development and many test samples to get here but it was all worth it for what’s on your screen at this very moment.

The Ion Nozzle Spring boasts a unique, flawless finish reminiscent of actual milspec springs. This specialized coating not only reduces friction for smooth cycling but also offers a sleek and stylish appearance.

We made a conscious attempt to also have springs coloured to respect their given strength on a platform. By that I mean:

  • Ocean Blue Springs are typically the weakest (but still stronger than stock)
  • Galaxy Purple Springs are a middle ground
  • And Blood Orange Springs are the strongest

It should be noted that just because a spring is weakest or strongest doesn’t inherently mean it is good or bad for your platform. Depending on your climate and the type of build you’re going for, either a weaker or stronger spring may be desired (this is a case to case basis). This is why we also made the Purple Springs, for a nice healthy middle ground if you aren’t sure! 🙂 

Each package includes 2 nozzle springs, providing assurance no matter the circumstance. You’ll always have backup.

Suitable for:

– Action Army AAP-01 Variants

– WE G-series Variants

– TM G-series Variants

– Vorsk G-series Variants

– Raven G-series Gen Variants


*It is recommended that airsoft upgrades are installed by Airsoft technicians and those with expertise, as this can not always be a simple process

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