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T238 High Torque and Speed Brushless Motor for AEG



Elevate your airsoft game to new heights with the T238 High Efficiency, Torque & Speed Brushless Motor, the pinnacle of airsoft motor technology. This cutting-edge motor delivers exceptional power, efficiency, and responsiveness, propelling your AEG to unparalleled performance levels.

The T238 delivers exceptional firepower with its impressive 380W maximum power output.

The T238 Brushless Motor is meticulously crafted for exceptional efficiency, minimizing heat and extending battery life. Experience uninterrupted domination on the airsoft field, knowing your motor won’t let you down.

Take control of your airsoft experience with the T238’s stepless speed regulation. Precise control for every situation.

Encased in a robust CNC aluminum precision-machined body, the T238 Brushless Motor can withstand the rigors of intense airsoft skirmishes. Its durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, keeping you in the game through every battle. Simply install and prepare to dominate the competition.

Upgrade your airsoft AEG with the T238 Brushless Motor for exceptional power, efficiency, control, and durability. Elevate your game, dominate the competition, and experience the pinnacle of airsoft performance with this game-changing motor.

  • Emergency stop after power failure, buffer-free operation, and stable output
  • Overheat protection, low voltage protection, and locked rotor protection for system safety
  • Stepless speed regulation (range 50-100%) for precise control over trigger response and firing rate
  • Compatible with Long Axis AEGs, including the M4/M16/MP5/G3/P90 series, for seamless integration
  • Recommended pairing with our brand ETU/MOSFET for optimal performance and warranty protection
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