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Wolverine Airsoft Heretic Labs Article I



Ready to ship! The first complete Speedsoft gun is now available from Wolverine Airsoft / Heretic Labs! Sporting a CNC Aluminum skeletonized receiver & carbon handguard!

Heretic Labs Article 1 proposes a soft speed instrument, the ultimate example of HPA technology. A lighter and more adaptable version of the traditional MilSim design, this lightweight and highly customizable airsoft machine perfectly matches serious airsoft players who want to play in a fast-paced, aggressive style. 

Article 1 airsoft gun offers the perfect balance of speed and precision, making it ideal for players who enjoy playing fast-paced and aggressive airsoft games. To make Article I work, an upgraded control board with a binary trigger option is combined with the proven and reliable INFERNO Gen 2 HPA engine. 

With its innovative Delrin bearing, the CNC speed trigger delivers an incredibly smooth pull with optional adjustments for pre-travel, post-travel, and actuation, making it the perfect trigger for those who demand ultimate precision.


  • The receiver set is made out of CNC billet aluminum skeletonized to MTW-Spec
  • The outer barrel is genuine carbon fiber, while the inner barrel measures 150 mm in diameter
  • Wolverine airsoft heretic labs programmed Inferno Gen 2 with binary fire mode and Heretic Labs programming.
  • There is an empty mag detection feature in EPM-MTW mags connected to PTS
  • With a CNC trigger and a low friction bearing, you can adjust the travel at any time.


  • Its weight is 2.1 lbs. 
  • The ROF is adjustable from 5 to 35 RPS. 
  • There is an estimated energy range of 0.8 – 1.65 joules. 
  • There is an input pressure range between 60 and 140 psi. 
  • Battery input is a JST 6-8 volt battery with a JST connector. 

Benefits of Heretic Labs Article 1

  • The heretic pistol article 1 is very light in weight. It is approximately 2 pounds and has a similar size and weight to the Hi Capa 5.1, but it is a bit longer than the Hi Capa 5.1. 
  • You easily held and controlled with a single hand. You can feel the high quality of the gun in your hands as soon as you have it.
  • With its new CNC speed trigger, you will experience an incredibly smooth pull, a choice of pre-travel, post-travel, and actuation adjustments, and a Delrin bearing that delivers an extraordinarily smooth pull.
  • There is a light, soft, short trigger on the device. The trigger on the gun is easily adjustable and can be tuned to make it as hairy as you would like it to be. 
  • A simple pop-out of two pins can be used to take apart Article 1. A spare pair of o-rings are supplied with the gun so that it can be maintained easily, and the gun seems easy to maintain.


The quality of this firearm is incredible, thus justifying the high price point at which it is sold. The gun is well worth the purchase if you are on the fence and have been considering buying it for a while. You will not regret the decision. So buy now to have a top-notch speed soft instrument. 

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