“Wild Orchid” Hi Capa Pre Build

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The “Wild Orchid” PreBuild is here! Not only does this look great, it performs even better! Custom etched 4.3 Purple “Conqueror” Slide with blue/purple accents!  

Build List:

  • Tokyo Marui 4.3 Black
  • LA Capa Customs 4.3 “Conqueror” Etched Slide
  • Waldo Customs 130% “Snappy Boi” Recoil Spring
  • LA Capa Customs SSK
  • Maple Leaf I Key
  • Nine Ball Custom HopUp Adjustment Wheel
  • LA Capa Customs Flat Hop Bucking
  • Maple Leaf 6.02 Inner Barrel
  • Unisoft Threaded Tornado 4.3 Outer Barrel
  • LA Capa Customs Lightweight 4.3 Guide Plug
  • AIP Aluminum 4.3 Guide Rod
  • EDGE Lightweight Blowback Unit Ver. 2
  • AIP 140% Loading Nozzle
  • Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle [Full Set]
  • Nine Ball Omega Trigger [Murasaki Purple]
  • CowCow Trident Sear Spring
  • CowCow Hammer Spring Power Regulator Kit
  • AIP Steel Trigger Bar
  • LA Capa Customs “S1” Grip Screws
  • Unisoft Extended Magazine Catch