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Waldo Dynamics 130% “Ion” Recoil Spring for AAP01


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“When Ions are charged they can deliver breath-taking levels of energy, which is exactly what we wanted to do here” 

The recoil spring of any GBB replica decides the cycle speed and even the efficiency of which they perform. Here at Waldo Dynamics, the aim is to bring you a fantastic balance of both.

Stock some AAP-01 users would describe the platform as sluggish and dull when firing, which we find to be such a shame for a pistol with a full auto switch.

Our new “Ion” springs help resolve this and give a smile inducing affect on the user. This is an excellent upgrade if you are looking to be competitive on the field. 

The “Ion” Recoil Spring boasts a unique, flawless finish reminiscent of actual milspec springs. This specialized coating not only reduces friction for smooth cycling but also offers a sleek and stylish appearance.

We made a conscious attempt to also have springs colored to respect their given strength on a platform. By that I mean:


  • Ocean Blue Springs are typically the weakest (but still stronger than stock)
  • Galaxy Purple Springs are a middle ground
  • And Blood Orange Springs are the strongest

Suitable for:

– Action Army AAP-01 Variants


*It is recommended that airsoft upgrades are installed by Airsoft technicians and those with expertise, as this can not always be a simple process. An AAP-01 can take tuning to feed on higher rates of fire. Expect to do some form of tech work for this. 

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