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Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

“The Snowman” Hi Capa Prebuild


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This prebuild features a 5.1 Hyper Slide with a blue and silver finish. This build was built to dominate your opponents and turn heads.

Build List:

  • Tokyo Marui 5.1 Black
  • LA Capa  5.1 Hyperslide Blue
  • LA Capa  5.1 Tornado Outer Barrel – Blue
  • LA Capa  Short Stroke Kit – Blue
  • LA Capa 4.3 Guide Plug – Silver
  • LA Capa 5.1 Tornado Guide Rod – Blue
  • LA Capa Turbo Blow Back Unit – Blue
  • Waldo  130% Recoil Spring
  • Maple Leaf 6.02 5.1 Inner Barrel
  • Waldo 140% loading Nozzle Spring
  • LA Capa Turbo Nozzle
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