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Hi Capa “Punisher” Prebuild


Hi Capa “Punisher” Prebuild

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Upon purchasing, you will be emailed with a shooting video and pictures . This build is a black and silver Punisher themed build. With the added NEO kit and hard recoil this bad boy is ready for all styles of gameplay. Build List:
  • TM 5.1 Black
  • AM Vintage Infinity Black/Silver
  • AIP 140% Recoil Spring
  • CowCow Short Stroke kit
  • ML 80 Degree Decepticon Bucking
  • Nine Ball 6.00 Tight Bore 6in Inner Barrel (133mm)
  • 5KU Steel Tornado Threaded Black Outer Barrel
  • Nine Ball Hybrid Tritium Front and Rear Fiber Optic Sight
  • AM Silver S Style DVC Magwell
  • CowCow Aluminum Flat Silver
  • Stippling:: Diamond Pattern
  • Nine Ball NEO Kit
This build is a sniper shooting well over 325fps with .20 BB’s . With the Tritium sight its ready for day or night play just like the Punisher himself. Leave the AR at home, this pistol is primary ready!
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