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“Prism Splash” Hi Capa Pre Build


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This pre build is nearly full aftermarket, with custom anodizing from Pooty Paintball.  This build features a 4.3 Conqueror slide and tornado barrel, advanced frame, and aluminum grip!

Build List:

  • Tokyo Marui 5.1 Black
  • LA Capa Customs 4.3 “Conqueror” Slide
  • AIP 120% Recoil Spring
  • LA Capa Customs SSK
  • LA Capa Customs Lightweight 4.3 Guide Plug
  • EDGE 4.3 Black Guide Rod
  • LA Capa Customs Flat Hop Bucking
  • Nine Ball 97mm 6.00 Inner Barrel
  • AM Brass HopUp Unit
  • Guarder Nozzle (Full Set)
  • AIP 140% Loading Nozzle Spring
  • EDGE V2 Black Blowback Unit
  • LCC 4.3 Tornado Outer Barrel
  • CowCow T2 Flat Trigger
  • AIP Steel Trigger Bar
  • AM Advanced Frame No Marking
  • AM LimCat Aluminum Grip
  • CowCow Hammer Regulator
  • JLP COMBAT Front Sight

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