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LA Innovations CO2 HPA Adapter + CO2 Cartridge Bundle

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LA Innovations CO2 HPA Adapter

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LA Innovations 74g CO2 Cartridges (16 Pack)

16 Pack

LA Innovations 88g CO2 Cartridges (16 Pack)

16 Pack


Save an additional 20% off the cheapest CO2 on the market! Select the 74g 16 pack, 88g 16 pack, or both. Save big on this one time CO2 starter bundle!

PRE ORDER! Ships guaranteed May 28th!

The LA Innovations x Polarstar CO2 HPA Adapter truly revolutionizes the way that players use HPA. This adapter is the only product on the market that allows you to use 74g and 88g CO2 cartridges. No more need to use that big and heavy HPA tank.

Polarstar OEMs this product, incorporating a special adjustable outflow valve to ensure that liquid CO2 never reaches your regulator. We recommend the Polarstar Micro Regulator, but this adapter will work for any regulator.

CO2 Shot Output:

  • 74g Cartridge Output – 800+ pistol shots or 1500+ rifle shots
  • 88g Cartridge Output – 1000+ pistol shots or 1800+ rifle shots


Benefits of using HPA over CO2:

  • Much smaller tank size relative to HPA
  • Over 3x the gas per volume
  • Easily swap cartridges when empty, no need for refills


Use Cases:

  • Lined HPA rifle/pistol – easily run a line to your belt or pocket, no need for big tanks and heavy backpacks!
  • HPA Tank Grips – easily unscrew and screw in a new cartridge when one is empty, small and lightweight cartridge size, padded sleeves will be available to mimic a full sized HPA tank!
  • Milsim – instead of having several tanks or an HPA compressor, toss a few cartridges in your backpack and be set for the entire weekend!
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