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LA Capa Customs “Precision” Brass HopUp Unit for Hi Capa


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Hi-Capa TDC ( Top Dead Center) hop-up adjustments are made with lightweight CNC machining. This Custom Hi Capa TDC Hop-up unit by TDC Manufacturing is the finest on the market today to amaze you. 


  • Bucking with a perfect flat hop
  • Wheel adjustment without tools
  • Posts for 1911 inserts are available as an option
  • A set screw is used to align the frame
  • The BB can be any weight from 0.20 to 0.49 gram
  • Constructed of brass and steel with CNC machining
  • Increased frame rate over stock (around 7-10 in our testing).
  • Compared to the typical hop-up system, there is a 3x adjustment range.


  • Allows TDC Hop-up adjustments without disassembling the slide.
  • The improved fixation method minimizes outer barrel misalignment.
  •  Non-tilting design and rigid aluminum alloy construction ensure accurate shots.
  • A top-centered hop-up pressure allows for a more stable hop-up than conventional units.

So, Add to the cart now without wasting your time to experience this best LA CAPA Custom’s product.

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