Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

LA Capa Customs Aluminum 4.3 Competition Frame (Coming Soon)



NOTE: Loc tite the screws!  The Competition frame is like no other; this frame has a full CNC 3 piece “advanced TM” hammer system.  This frame comes with its own special valve knocker and sear for optimal function.  This allows you to use any internal hammer components, and get even better performance than the TM frame function.  Also, it has bottom rails and full top rails that perfectly fit with our slides.

Weighing in at under 70 grams, this frame is over 2.5x lighter than the stock frame.   We offer this product in 10 different anodized colors + 2 rainbows, and it comes with an 2011 engraved side marking!

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