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Hi Capa “Knuckles” Pre Build


Hi Capa “Knuckles” Pre Build

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Upon purchasing, you will be emailed with a shooting video and pictures. This build is a Red and Black Knuckles theme build . Build List:
  • TM 5.1 Black
  • Slide Type:: Ana Red
  • AIP 140% Recoil
  • CowCow Short Stroke kit
  • ML HopUp Unit Set (With Wheel)
  • ML 70 Degree Autobot
  • ML 6.02 Tight Bore (5.1 Length)
  • 5KU 5in Steel Tornado Threaded Black
  • AIP 4.3 Red Plug
  • AIP Front and Rear Fiber Optics for 5.1
  • AM Black S Style DVC Magwell
  • CowCow Aluminum Flat Red Trigger
  • Grip screws AIP red
This build has a fine tuned trigger and the looks to back it up. Get it wile you still can !
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