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Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

CowCow Steel Trigger Lever for TM Glock G17/26


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High-quality steel and CNC machining make the CowCow Steel Trigger Lever a high-performance part. The CowCow Steel Trigger Lever is a durable aftermarket part for your TM Glock G17/26 airsoft gun. A black oxide finish prevents rust and corrosion.

The CowCow Steel Trigger Lever features a more aggressive design than the stock trigger lever. It also has a longer travel distance, which makes it more comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time.

The CowCow Steel Trigger Lever is a direct replacement for the stock trigger lever and is easy to install. It is compatible with all TM Glock G17/26 airsoft guns.

  • Improved performance
  • Increased durability
  • More comfortable shooting
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