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Action Army AAP01 Assassin Gas Blowback Pistol (Black)


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Action Army AAP 01 is a cutting-edge gas blowback pistol with exceptional performance and versatility. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this AAP01 pistol offers a thrilling shooting experience for airsoft enthusiasts and sports shooters.

Highlighted Features

Gas Blowback System: The AAP-01 Assassin utilizes a gas blowback system, providing a realistic shooting experience. Each shot generates a satisfying recoil, enhancing the authenticity and feel of the pistol.

Magazine Capacity: The pistol comes with a generous magazine capacity, allowing for more shots before needing to reload. This feature is particularly advantageous in competitive shooting or tactical scenarios where quick follow-up shots may be necessary.

Stylish Black Finish: The pistol features a sleek and stylish black finish, giving it a visually appealing and professional appearance. The aap01 black color adds a touch of stealth and elegance to the firearm’s overall aesthetic.

Advantages of the Action Army AAP 01

Lightweight: The AAP-01 is designed with a polymer frame, making it lightweight and easy to handle. This is especially advantageous for those who prefer maneuverability and agility during shooting sessions or airsoft games.

Cool Looks: The AAP-01 features a unique and stylish design inspired by modern firearms. Its futuristic aesthetics appeal to many users who appreciate visually appealing firearms.

Highly Affordable and Great Value: Compared to other airsoft pistols on the market, the AAP-01 offers excellent value for its price. It provides a range of features and performance often found in higher-priced models. This affordability makes it an attractive option for beginners and experienced airsoft enthusiasts.

Customization Options: The AAP-01 black has a modular design, allowing users to customize and personalize their firearms. It offers various accessories, including grips, magazines, sights, and muzzle devices. This versatility will enable users to adapt the gun to their preferences and shooting style.

Performance: The AAP01 black is praised for its reliable performance and accuracy. It has a smooth trigger pull, consistent FPS (feet per second), and good range. These performance characteristics contribute to an enjoyable shooting experience and increased chances of hitting targets.

Technical Parameters of the Action Army AAP 01:

  • Caliber: 6 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 23 rounds
  • Overall length: 230 mm
  • Barrel length: 129 mm
  • Initial velocity: 95 m/s (may vary based on gas and BB weight)
  • Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable for optimizing BB trajectory and accuracy.
  • Blowback: Yes, providing realistic recoil and cyclic slide movement.
  • Weight (with magazine): 670 g, offering a lightweight and maneuverable platform
  • Material: The AAP 01 is constructed with a combination of plastic, aluminum, and steel, ensuring durability and strength in critical areas.
  • Color: black, aap01 black, providing a sleek and tactical appearance.
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