Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.

AAP Customs Parts & Upgrades

Insane Customization Options No one wants a bland and basic Glock for their airsoft game. That’s why LA Capa offers a wide assortment of customization parts that can be easily installed into your pistol. These will enhance the style of your AAP-01 guns and make them look tasteful. If you want to learn more about […]

Airsoft Rifle Parts

Airsoft Rifle Parts for All Types of Guns It doesn’t matter if you have a spring-powered, gas-powered, or automatic airsoft rifle. That’s because our collection of customized rifle parts includes every component you are going to need for your AEG and HPA firearms. Motors, valves, cylinders, we have it all. Best Custom Rifle Upgrades We […]

Custom Hi-Capa Parts

Diversity in Hi-Capa Parts: Every component of a Hi Capa pistol is essential to its working. Knowing this has helped us create a range of Hi Capa parts that even include seemingly insignificant components. Who knows when a simple spring breaks down? This is the time for you to take out that old pistol who’s […]

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